Recipe: These homemade Yorkshire puddings are a cinch

Between haggis, black pudding and the congealed horror that is jellied eel, Old Blighty has never really delivered in the realm of delectable cuisine. However, for all of its failings (hello, stargazy pie) one thing we will forever salute the settlers for is their affinity and ability to put together a smashing roast dinner. An enthusiastically-retained tradition that tends to reappear in the cooler months, we are long-time advocates of its family-pulling power, and in particular, the puffy accomplices that come with it. Golden and crisp on the outside with a rich, chewy centre, Yorkshire Puddings are winter comfort food at its finest. Ludicrously simple to make, here we share our favourite recipe.

Yorkshire Puddings
Makes one large or 12 individual puds.

2 cups plain white flour
A generous pinch of salt
300ml whole milk
4 free-range eggs, beaten
2 tbsp beef dripping (can be substituted with sunflower oil at a push)

Heat oven to 230ºC and sift the flour and salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre and add the beaten eggs, and a few glugs of milk. Whisk until you have a smooth batter. Add the remaining milk, whisking until you reach a cream-like consistency, then set aside for half an hour at room temperature.

To bake, take a large roasting tin (or 12-hole muffin tin if you prefer individual puddings), grease generously with dripping then pop onto the top shelf of the oven to heat. After 10 minutes, remove from the oven, swiftly ladle in the batter and put it straight back in. If the batter doesn’t splutter, then keep heating the tray until it does — piping hot dripping is widely considered the difference between triumph and disaster. Cook for 15-20 minutes (without opening the door or you’ll risk sinkage) until they’re well puffed and golden then enjoy!


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