Weekend recipe: homemade crumpets with Lewis Road Chocolate Butter

Ditch the usual store bought crumpets for freshly made ones; Our Kitchen's recipe will make even the dreariest of winter days much more bearable.

While crumpets have long been a preferred morning delight on days when we need to digress from the trustworthy go-to of peanut butter on toast, we’ve been given reason to up the ante with a stellar new ingredient in the mix, Lewis Road Creamery’s dreamy Chocolate Butter. The sensational Whittakers collaboration has borne a product free of palm oil, packed full of 72% Dark Ghana chocolate alongside and whipped to perfection. Basically, it’s the most real chocolate spread we’ve met in a long time and we’ve taken to slathering it over a batch of our favourite crumpet recipe, as follows.

Makes 12 crumpets

180ml semi-skimmed milk (warm)
230g plain flour
2.5g dried yeast
1tsp sugar
180-200ml water (warm) – approx
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 pot Lewis Road Chocolate Butter

In a large bowl mix together the flour, sugar and yeast until combined.
Slowly whisk in the warm milk to create a batter and then add ½ the water to thin it down.
Continue to add the water and whisk it in, until the batter is thin enough to slowly run off the back of a spoon (you might not need all of it).
Cover the bowl and place in a warm area for 2 hours. The batter should be foaming by the time you return.
Add the salt and the baking powder to the batter and combine.
Heat a heavy-bottomed pan and grease the bottom of it with some canola oil.
Take your egg rings (also known as a pastry ring or crumpet ring) and grease those too. Place them in the pan.
Add batter to just under the top of each ring. If the batter runs out of the bottom of the ring it is too thin and needs some more flour added to the mixture. If it is too thick, then air bubbles won’t form – which means more warm water needs to be added.
Cook on a medium heat for 4-5 minutes then carefully remove the ring with some tongs and allow the crumpet to cook for another minute. Flip it over, and briefly sear the top of each crumpet for 30 seconds, before removing it from the pan.
Allow to cool and then eat, or store in an air tight container. They will also freeze really well, making them great for an emergency snack!



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