A comprehensive guide to salt

Allow us to help you navigate the tip of the salt berg; herein we expose four artisanal varieties of the vital condiment from Kosher right through to Black Himalayan.

1. Kosher Salt
A coarse-grained salt made from salt crystals that’s not typically iodized, and is flat or pyramidal in structure. Best for seasoning by hand because you can easily pick up pinches with your fingers. Despite the obvious Jewish connotations, Kosher salt was actually given its name because it is the choice of salt used in the koshering (removing of blood) of meat.

2. Fleur de Sel
The crème de la crème of finishing salts is hand- harvested by collecting the crystals from the water’s surface before they sink to the bottom and become contaminated. The flavour is light and pure, making it an ideal addition to simple counterparts like sliced tomato, melon, or fish — changing an ordinary meal into a culinary experience.

3. White Truffle Salt 
From the same salt ponds as Fleur de Sel in Guérande, France, this variety has been elevated by the addition of white truffle slices to the fine, lightly grey salt. Its sweet flavour features undertones of garlic and an aromatic musky after-taste that make it perfect for seasoning pasta, risotto, eggs, meat and potatoes. (Available from www.sabato.co.nz)

4. Pink Himalayan
As a naturally occurring salt, Himalayan salt is harvested in a way that ensures minerals are not lost through chemical processing or refinement. Most commonly found as coarse or fine grains, large blocks can also be used for cooking meat upon as they hold the heat, or as serving platters that delicately season the food they serve.

5.  Lotus Himalayan Black Salt
Kala Namak, otherwise known as black salt (for its origins near the Black Sea), turns black when you put it into water. The Indian mineral salt is an excellent digestive aid and contains beta carotene. It also has flavour enhancing qualities that render it ideal for seasoning dishes. (Available from www.huckleberry.co.nz)


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