Newton welcomes vegetarian cafe, Rabbit, with open arms

This 100% plant-based cafe is proving popular with vegetarians and omnivores alike.

When we stopped by new Rabbit Cafe during its ‘soft opening’ last week, the cabinet had been completely cleared out, the kitchen had run low on a number of ingredients, the coffee machine had been working overtime and yet people continued to stream through the doors. Nestled amongst a number of apartment and office blocks, in just a few short days the vegetarian cafe had become a key member of the neighbourhood. Yes, you read that right, the vegetarian cafe. A term known to scare away many a meat-loving patron, we implore you omnivores not to judge, for though it’s plant-based fare being served up here, it isn’t the type that comes sprouted, fermented and dusted in matcha — it’s accessible, and darn appetising.

At breakfast, for instance, French toast is plated up with dark chocolate, banana, chopped nuts and whipped coconut cream; a chilli courgette omelette comes with sharp cheddar and fresh oregano; and creamy mushrooms are bulked up with walnuts, drizzled with a herby gremolata and served on toast. An ingenious ‘DIY Menu’ even offers diners the chance to build their perfect breakfast, choosing everything from toast to eggs, sides and sauces. Come lunch, nearby office workers have clearly already cottoned on to the delicious cabinet food, salads and sandwiches, but there’s also a full dine in menu on offer. From Indian-inspired kumara koftas to cauliflower quinoa fritters, roast parsnip banh mi with sticky soy sauce and the satay veggie burger, there’s a lot to like.

The restaurant itself is a relaxed, welcoming space, more akin to a small suburban café than an inner-city eatery. Brought to life with mismatched wooden chairs, comfortable couches and colourful bunting, there’s also two sunny outdoor dining areas for those that can afford to stop and stay awhile. Inviting guests to eat in or enjoy their food takeaway, stop by and give it a go. Who knows, you might not even miss the bacon.

Opening hours:
7.30am-3.30pm, Monday-Friday
8.30am-3.30pm, Saturday
Closed Sunday

Rabbit Cafe

30 St Benedict's Street
Eden Terrace

(09) 309 5001



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