If you’ve been scouring Auckland to find a superb thin-crust pizza, your search stops here

Pizza, though universally loved, can certainly be a divisive topic. Thin crust or thick? Neopolitan or new age? And last but not least: should fruit be allowed? Today’s definition of what makes a pizza ‘good’ remains largely unresolved but one name pushing the boundaries is a new O’Connell Street locale going by the authoritative name of Proper Pizza.

The brand originates from Albania/Kosovo, an unlikely Southeastern European region that owner Stuart Deeks says is abounding with gastronomic activity. Deeks, a veteran in the food and beverage industry, had been looking for a concept to bring back to New Zealand and upon trying Proper Pizza during his travels, decided that it would be just the thing.

The pizza, made with a light, crisp, sesame crust is decidedly different and, by our measure, far less guilt-inducing. There are no oils seeping out nor is the crust overwhelmingly bready. But what makes this pizza joint truly stand out from the rest is its entirely unique menu of toppings. Divided into savoury, dessert and breakfast combinations, the most popular is the black truffle recipe which sees a tasty medley of black truffle, pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano and pine nuts. The Macho, on the other hand, involves marinade sauce topped with ‘Proper’ cheese, meatballs and ham matched with the delicious tang of a yoghurt sauce.

There is no shortage of flavours to sample and with four different sizes, from the snack-worthy 20cm to the feast-worthy 60cm (NZ’s biggest), we can even see ourselves picking up a petite ‘Egg’s Files’ for brekkie (they open at 7am and do coffee too). Or, if it’s late and you’re sweet tooth is aching, a cheeky ‘yoghurt fantasy’ might hit the spot with coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit, and which, yet again, somehow leaves us feeling satisfied but not weighed down.

The shop, located only metres away from the recently opened Sumthin Dumplin, is a multifaceted space that goes easily from morning to afternoon, and then late into the night; quite possibly the best part about Proper Pizza is that they don’t close until 1am. So if you’re a seeker-outerer of pizza like no other, you can basically do so at any time of the day, if not on Uber Eats.

*Gluten-free bases are also available. Call 021445042 for catering or any other enquiries.

Opening hours:
7am till 1am, 7 days

Proper Pizza

12/D O'Connell St
Auckland CBD

0800 365 537



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