Poké Poké brings its renowned fresh takeaway fare to Newmarket

Quick, easy, delicious and nutritious, it’s no secret we’ve long been fans of Poké Poké and its innovative take on the poké trend. A takeaway joint that puts a healthy new meaning on fast food, the only thing holding us back from daily lunchtime visits was the pitstop’s Takapuna location — until now. Extending its reach to somewhere a little more inner-city, this one-stop poké bar has brought it’s sought after fresh fare to Newmarket.

For those that don’t know, the process is simple. Choose your bed of fluffy rice or salad, before adding your protein from the vast selection, which includes everything from traditional salmon and tuna (of the highest sashimi-grade) to succulent pieces of chicken and organic tofu. Follow this up by going to town on the delicious toppings; avocado, Japanese pickle, edamame, spring onion, seaweed or even seasonal fruit, this one-stop poké bar has something for everyone. Seal the deal with a drizzling of your choice, opt for a classic with the signature soy or mix things up with wasabi mayo or sweet chilli sauce.

Located at 17a Remuera Road in Newmarket — in the spot of the old Champ Canteen Cafe  — this fresh new outpost is on it’s way to becoming our new lunchtime saviour.

Opening hours:
11.30am-8pm, Monday-Saturday
11.30am-3:30pm, Sunday

17a Remuera Road


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