Paneton French bakery finds a second home in Newmarket

The much-loved bakery opens the doors to its second home in Newmarket.

As the story of many bakeries goes, Paneton’s history is one of family tradition. A tale that weaves all the way back to a little village bakery in the Southwest of France, the iconic Auckland croissant connoisseurs have been crafting French favourites from the finest New Zealand ingredients for the past 25 odd years. Long supplying city siders from its Victoria Park possie, Paneton has now added a new chapter to its story with a second home in Newmarket.

Easily spotted courtesy of its iconic green and cream signage and sweet doughy scent, the new opening is already delighting with a tempting selection of much-loved breads, pastries, quiches, sandwiches, sweet tarts and treats. Planning to extend the offering into a range of fresh salads in the near future too, the Teed Street spot is an easy stop in from the morning coffee and croissant to the midday baguette.

Giving us the option to snag a sourdough for dinner, a few par-baked rolls for the weekend or frozen pastries for brunch too, the time-saving factor is enough to win us over alone. Carrying on the traditions of French baking with a relaxed Kiwi attitude, the fresh Newmarket arrival is a classic bakery, done well.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday, 7.30am-4pm
Saturday, 9am-4pm
Sunday, closed through January, open 9am-4pm February onwards


16 Teed Street


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