Auckland just got itself an intriguing new gelato parlour

If you haven’t yet experienced gelato from Nitro Cow, let us first explain how the whole thing works. A far cry from your standard double scoop, the novelty concoctions are made-to-order by blasting flavoured creams and mixes with liquid nitrogen. Flash freezing them in a billowing cloud of ‘smoke’ right before your widened eyes, what you’re left with is one of the tastiest gelatos in town. A magical treat that we were first introduced to, courtesy of the Nitro Cow food truck, the rolling dessert wizards have now pulled on the handbrake and opened up a permanent parlour in Takapuna.

Sitting down a bustling alleyway on Hurstmere Road, the gelateria will be blasting out a revolving line-up of flavours (salted caramel is forever our pick) as well as its sinfully delicious egg waffles. Also on the menu will be the nitrogen-boosted ‘Dragon’s Breath’ corn puffs that shoot smoke out of your nose and mouth as you eat them — a wildly popular choice for both big and little kids alike. A game-changing gelato destination that is bound to go off this summer, Nitro Cow is here to encourage us all to play with our food.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday, 11.30am-late

Nitro Cow

1/56-60 Hurstmere Road


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