The new superfood that is supposed to change our lives

It has been a little while since a new superfood popped up on our radar. And while we are still waiting for the much-promised benefits of goji berries to kick in (I am pretty sure that I am meant to be skinnier, healthier, smarter, funnier and more financially stable by now), we can’t help but take notice anytime a new one takes hold. Moringa is the new kid on the clean eating block.

A South Asian plant that has been used in alternative medicines for centuries, the bright green botanical is ground into a powder, consumed in smoothies and teas and has an earthy taste, not dissimilar to spinach or matcha. Said to aid in digestion, reduce inflammation, encourage clear skin, relieve stress and deliver a hefty energy kick, it is also high in antioxidants, contains nine essential amino acids, seven times more vitamin C than oranges and significant levels of vitamin A, K, E, iron, calcium and magnesium. Available from all good health food stores, while we wait for the goji berry goodness to kick in, we might just give it a go.


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