Toastie Bros is a purveyor dedicated to bringing us epic grilled sarnies

Top notch toasted sandwiches have landed at this City Farmer's Market...

There’s seldom a Saturday that upon waking up, the prospect of devouring a delicious toasted sandwich before midday isn’t a GREAT idea. No matter what your antics might have been the night before, a grilled sarnie with all the trimmings is more often than not, exactly what the doctor ordered. Hence our recent obsession with local market stall Toastie Bros.

Inspired by the number of cheese toastie operations popping up at markets all over London — founders Sam Carnachan and Em Shearer lived there for three years — this bro and his lady noticed upon their return that the Auckland market scene wasn’t up to speed with this simple yet gratifying street food trend. Jumping at the opportunity to provide market-goers access to the sandwich delicacy, Toastie Bros was born. Now, every Saturday morning at the Britomart Farmers’ Market, the pair are proffering mouth-watering gourmet cheese toasties using fresh local ingredients.

Keeping it simple with four variations (or rather, ‘Bros’) and an additional wild card they change up each month, you can rest assured that these are quality grilled sangers. Sourcing their meat from the legendary Westmere Butchery, their delicious white sourdough bread from Wild Wheat, and their cheese from a supplier called Karikaas in North Canterbury, this is the real deal. Now, if you’re ready for the details: The Bacon Bro comprises streaky bacon, gouda, fresh tomato and a special brown sauce while The Beef Bro harnesses 12-hour slow cooked brisket, Gouda and jalapenos. The Mushroom Bro, on the other hand, boasts creamy sauteed mushrooms with truffle oil and gouda for a vegetarian option and The Little Bro, a downsized option featuring Gouda and onion only.

If we don’t have the power to reassure you that these sandwiches are good, you can see evidence of enjoyment on their Instagram page here.


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