Temaki Truck

A delightful little hybrid of Japanese food with a typical Brazilian twist.

It’s no secret that we love pop-ups. We love the diversity and ingenuity they bring thanks to the unique combination of cuisines and tastes from the homelands of their often international operators. This time around, we’ve come across a delightfully differest take on the Japanese sushi roll that’s common in Brazil — Temaki it’s called and indeed we are smitten.

Having stumbled across the red and white food truck in the fashion that we do many of our favourite culinary pop-ups, i.e. at Silo Park’s Food Space on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we were enticed by the prospect of sushi in cone form. According to Brazilian owner Rodrigo Maia, this type of Japanese delicacy is commonly devoured in his homeland and we can understand why given the ease with which you can eat it. While we tried the spicy salmon variety, also on offer is the kimchi pork or a tofu option for the vegetarians we have no doubt are all equally as tasty. Not to mention there’s the option of a “Temakinho” for the kids.

All produce is fresh, locally and sustainably sourced making it all the more enjoyable. There’s also the benefit of feeling as though you’re eating something really quite healthy, even if it is accompanied by a side of some of the best karaage chicken we’ve tasted in some time.

Find out where they’ll be on their Facebook page here.


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