Goodnight Cocoa

Serving so much more than just your average hot chocolate...

Whilst enjoying a pleasant evening at Silo Park’s rustic outdoor cinema last summer, Daniel and his partner Ali thought the only way to top off the crisp summer’s night was to have an authentic hot cocoa in hand. With a love of the traditional pot brewed molten blend of which there’s a clear lack on the market, the duo set out to fill the void, and Goodnight Cocoa was born.

In pursuit of the decadent vocation as cocoa purveyor, Daniel ditched his career in investment brokering while Ali, a registered nurse, mans the cart alongside him when she’s not saving lives at Middlemore Hospital’s emergency department. The result of weeks of toiling and testing batches on family and friends, the team finally settled on a winner: a tantalising chocolatey blend that’s finished with a mixture of coconut and classic dairy milk, giving it a delightfully creamy and smooth texture.

However, there’s more than cocoa luring us in here. Catering to our after dinner cravings that at times demand more than a steamy beverage, Goodnight Cocoa have expanded their repertoire to include the utterly delicious homemade s’more. An American campfire favourite, their authentic rendition boasts a toasted vanilla bean marshmallow that’s doused in melted dark chocolate and wedged between two nutmeg and cinnamon spiced Graham crackers – made by the talented girls at The Pie Piper, another Street Food Collective vendor – before it’s blowtorched to caramelise and infuse the melty morsel with the quintessential tinge of campfire smoke.

Currently working on a cool cocoa blend just in time for summer, with many more exciting plans for the future, we can safely say that these cocoa purveyors are worth tracking down to enjoy the ultimate soul-warming after dinner treat.

Frequent peddlers at The Street Food Collective, Auckland Night Markets and the Clevedon Farmers Market, click here to see where Goodnight Cocoa will be next.


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