Woodworks Cafe reopens

A sorely missed Avondale eatery is back to feed the hungry hoards.

After heralding a new gastronomic leaf in the burgeoning suburb of Avondale almost two years ago now, it was with much dismay that only a few months later, we learnt of its demise due to a couple of frisky tea towels which self-combusted after coming in hot from the laundry next door. The cafe and kitchen was thus left in a singed mess and meant the closing of its doors for the unforeseeable future. Now, however, the phoenix that is the beloved Woodworks Cafe has risen from the ashes to reopen its doors for the first time today.

The spacious daytime eatery that once assumed the tenure of an old carpentry and furniture store on a corner of Great North Road, is much the same as it was before. Not far beyond the Waterview periphery, proprietors Jess Brewer and Mattieu Gosset have reestablished the notable destination which made a name for itself by serving an enticing variety of dishes that deliver on both flavour and finesse. The only thing that has changed is the fact that, as of yet, Woodworks won’t be doing a dinner service. Though Gosset does mention they might look into inviting guest chefs on board for special evening services later on down the track.

Other than that, there are still the same delightful orders to start the day by, along with several new additions (their chef has just returned from a season in France and will no doubt wish to inject a bit of Gallic goodness). The likes of homemade crumpets through to gluten-free roast pumpkin and polenta croquettes with poached eggs are just the beginning while the later day options will no doubt give way to more bistro-like fare that won’t disappoint. It might be the lighter choice of crispy skin snapper or delicious seared tuna, or, something simpler, such as the phenomenal Woodworks burger complete with addictive rosemary fries. Rest assured, it’s all delicious.

Having taunted us in some ways by introducing something so good, and then having it so recklessly taken away, we are very happy to announce the return of this excellent establishment. No doubt, the people of Avondale are equally as excited too.

Opening hours:
Open Wednesday to Monday from 8am till 3pm.
Closed Tuesdays.


1790 Great North Road

(09) 828 4248



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