&Sushi Newmarket offers fresh Japanese fare like never before

Not your average sushi spot, Teed Street's latest newcomer is drawing us out of the city.

With no shortage of sushi spots to pick up a pack and continue on your way, we have however noticed a lack of hip yet casual locales serving up impeccably good Japanese fare where one can enjoy a quick bite with friends. Thankfully heeding the call for exactly that is the new &Sushi, a contemporary sushi bar on Teed Street in Newmarket.

Here you’ll find a slick minimalist fit out that is fresh and clean, adorned with fauna dripping from every corner, making it the perfect spot to take a break from the chaos. Helmed by Korean duo Jeff Kim and Jay Oh (head chef), their menu is inspired by dishes they would be proud to serve their sushi-fiend children, using wholesome free-range produce and healthful cooking methods. Boasting classic Japanese fare with an exciting Korean twist, their lineup of freshly made cabinet sushi showcases interesting combinations – our favourite the kimchi, cucumber, avocado, kumara and yogurt puree – as well as the option to sample different variations of grain like quinoa, wild black rice and brown rice in place of the expected sushi rice.

If you’re after something more substantial, we suggest you try the Bulgogi beef, a Korean inspired donburi with stir fried savoy cabbage, mushroom, carrot, capsicum, broccoli, gluten-free mayo and ginger. For those in the mood for a vibrant salad that doesn’t sacrifice on taste, the udon and soba salads with either charred eggplant or chicken served atop generous vegetables finished with either a soy sesame or ume dressing will most definitely hit the spot.

Giving Japanese cuisine and the art of making sushi the respect it deserves, you’d be wise to make the time to pause at this popularity-gaining pit stop the next time you find yourself trawling Teed Street’s popular sartorial destinations.

Open Monday to Saturday 9am-4pm.


12 Teed Street

09 523 4223


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