Takapuna’s Street Organics has something to tempt all taste buds

The new cafe making wholesome eating appetising to all.

To us, the true test of an organic cafe is its ability to cater not just the hashtaggers (#paleo, #vegan, #raw, #eatcleanlookmean you know who you are), but to the everyman. Doing just that, and doing it well, is Takapuna’s newest whole food-focused spot, Street Organics.

“We’re nothing pretentious or fancy,” shrugs co-owner Nicky Partridge when we visit, “just good old-fashioned home-cooked food.” And while we like the simple philosophy the Byron Ave restaurant is running, we have to disagree; because if our ‘home cooked food’ had tasted like this, we would have never moved out. Delivering an enticing selection for the gluten-, dairy-, sugar- and animal-free foodies, as well as plenty for the more traditional meat and bread bunch (pulled pork sliders anyone?), the North Shore stop-in is approachable organics. From heaving açai bowls adorned with artistic flashes of nuts, seeds and fruit to the people-pleasing smashed avo that comes served on a slab of sourdough with a heady feta and fresh tomato, the new eatery deliciously covers its bases. Even offering your choice of coconut, soy, almond, cashew or cow’s milk in your coffee, it’s no wonder that in just two weeks the place has acquired ‘locals’.

Packaging it all up in an industrial space softened with pale wooden accents, cushion-lined booths and a shop wall from which you can pick up your grains, nuts, seeds and goods in bulk, Street Organics has got it right. The type of place you can go no matter if you like your sweet treats baked or raw and your meals healthy or hearty, this is a brunch date you’d do well to schedule.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 6.30am-5.30pm

Saturday (and Sunday as of 5th February): 7.30am-4.30pm

Street Organics

1 Byron Ave



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