The old Rosehip Café receives the Hip Group re-vamp

Always enraptured by a transformative Cinderella story, our latest makeover subject is the recently opened Rosie eatery in Parnell.  Perched opposite the famous Rose Gardens on Gladstone Road, Rosie is the latest, and arguably one of the best new spots to grace our fair city.

Having opened only a little over a week ago, word has spread with enough fervour that customers are already overflowing from this petite, but perfectly formed restaurant. The popularity is obvious; the food is delightful, the service suave, and the venue itself has an undeniable aura of sophistication. However, little else is to be expected from the same team that has given us the likes of Takapuna Beach Café, Ortolana and Richmond Road Café; Rosie’s success was forecast from the outset.

Although a popular choice for breakfast and lunch, our late afternoon visit facilitated an exploration of the dinner menu starting with a simple signature rosehip and ginger soda, the perfect refreshment for getting into a Rosie mood. The food that followed was outstanding; a vibrant and beautifully balanced beetroot salad, along with spicy spatchcock on a bed of crispy kale and spelt. As with everything at Rosie, the food is stylish and stunning, and also incredibly delicious. The cabinet displays an enticing antipasto spread, ready to be chopped, torn and piled onto a plate and enjoyed with a glass of chardonnay in hand. But the real eye-catcher is the desserts with a selection of exquisite mini tarts, chocolates and miniature puddings that are almost too beautiful to eat.

Rosie is a breath of fresh air for a beloved, but sometimes forgotten corner of Parnell. And with such impeccable offerings, true to it’s Cinderella story, Rosie is bound to survive happily ever after.

Open 7 days, 6.30am – late


82 Gladstone Rd

(09) 369 1882


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