Miss Istanbul brings true turkish kebabs to town

Honest and authentic, this new Ponsonby Central eatery is Turkish cuisine done well.

A far cry from the sloppy souvlakis served in takeaway spots across town, where your ‘meat’ is carved off a spinning stick, and your coffee comes from a push-button machine, Miss Istanbul, Ponsonby Central’s newest addition, has arrived to school us on authentic Turkish cuisine.

The new eatery (located in the space previously occupied by Fish Fish) invites diners to sit around a hand-painted tile bar to watch the chefs at work. Nimbly folding pastries, crafting Turkish Delight from scratch, and brewing sweet and thick coffee over an open flame, the new restaurant is an unintentional dinner and a show.

Focusing on authentic flavours and spices, the dishes make for an honest Turkish meal, with the aforementioned Dürüm kebab, in particular, piquing our attention. A lunch or dinnertime offering that sees your choice of meat, halloumi or falafel snuggly tucked into warmed pita bread with fresh salad greens and accompaniments, the tasty wrap isn’t trying to be too fancy, it’s just a simple dish done well. Similarly, the sigaro pastries are a classic, with a satisfying flaky crunch giving way to a cheesy potato filling, and the coconut-coated Turkish Delight in an eclectic range of flavours offers the satisfying sweet tint we often need to round off our meal.

Dedicated to fresh ingredients, honest cooking and traditional recipes, for a taste of true Turkish cuisine, we suggest you go and introduce yourself to Miss Istanbul.

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday, 11am-11pm

Miss Istanbul

Ponsonby Central
136/146 Ponsonby Road



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