Marua Road Cafe

It's the cafe and eatery that Marua Road has long been waiting for.

Serendipity is a funny thing. When 28-year-old Chris von Batenburg walked away from the early days of his advertising career to embark on a hospitality venture, it was always going to be risky business. But at least he had a few good omens to go by. One of the most seminal was running into an old friend whose father imported coffee beans and had a prominent new cafe space available to lease. Basically, if von Batenburg didn’t seize the opportunity, we would have. 

Just like that, Marua Road Cafe came to be. It’s the good food and early coffee spot Marua Road has desperately needed. Which is perhaps why, on its opening day, the young entrepreneur could barely tear himself away from behind the coffee machine to tell us about his newly minted venture. “I haven’t gone too out there with the menu” he explains, a rational decision given the fact that his clientele ranges from tradies and the neighbouring retirement village residents to local business workers and discerning Stonefields dwellers. Fair to say we think everyone will be happy.

With an impeccable acai bowl that he expects will go well on the weekends and a delicious brioche french toast, that is perfection when combined with bacon and poached pear, there’s also an array of familiar yet delicious savoury items. We tried the creamy Swiss, field and portobello mushrooms with spicy chorizo on toast, while our eyes fell to the Moroccan meatball lamb salad and corn fritters being devoured by customers at lunchtime. The coffee? Well that’s great too. And it ought to be given the coffee beans are freshly roasted thrice weekly next door at John Burton Ltd.

It’s a friendly, crisp, suburban affair that can’t be missed as you drive down Marua Road. Sitting pretty on its principal corner, it’s poised for success. In fact, we can’t help but draw similarities to the recently opened Rosebank Coffee & Kitchen that has only proven the furious demand for good local eateries. Though they’re not yet licenced, the space will regularly be hired out in the evenings, especially with summer right around the corner. For the mean time, we’re sure the locals will be lapping up this fresh new address.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday — 6.30am till 3pm
Saturday & Sunday — 8.00am till 3pm

Marua Road Cafe

159 Marua Road
Mt Wellington

(09) 525 0474


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