Deluxe Coffee Bar

We've stumbled across a bona fide coffee bar that will likely see your morning commute take an unforeseen detour.

In an ode to the fringes of suburbia, a characterful new coffee bar has set up shop in the industrial sector of Mt Roskill, luring in surrounding inhabitants of the en route during their daily commute. Deluxe Coffee Bar, a gritty little no-frills pit stop, serves its primary purpose of providing a decently roasted steaming cup of joe to the area’s otherwise devoid workers and Carr Road passers-by. Occupying an unassuming lot within the area’s industrial surrounds, upon discovery that this is the contrivance of two smokin’ ex-Atomic baristas, Adam Jennett and Fraser Hanson, one would correctly assume that these boys certainly know what they’re doing.

With the modest little nook of space subject to a combination of industrial materials – the application of wooden bench tops, concrete block walls, copper and steel light fittings sourced from Loft Motif; within the space you’ll find little more than the coffee machine taking pride of place, leaving no room for doubt over what this pit stop is all about. Open bright and early from six in the morning, you’ll be able to smell the home roasted coffee from a mile away, while the filled rolls, sandwiches and home made pies serve well in warding off the hunger pangs.

For now, the duo have made it their duty to provide the abundance of surrounding tradespeople and hurried commuters with a premium roast, many of whom had become accustomed to the instant variety as a quick fix come morning teatime. There’s no doubt that Deluxe’s neighbours will be much better off for their presence and it’s with little surprise this bona fide caffeine pit stop has already garnered a loyal fleet of daily visitors.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday – 6am till 3pm

Deluxe Coffee Bar

57 Carr Rd
Mount Roskill


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