Corner Burger, Mt Eden

An exceptional burger boutique has arrived and it's just the thing Mt Eden has been pining for.

During a recent post-Netflix jaunt to Mt Eden’s Fraser’s for a cuppa and cake, as we were leaving the village, we spotted a slurry of twinkling fairy lights next to the Kebab Stop. Could this be but a sugar-fuelled mirage, we thought? Thankfully not. Upon closer inspection, we spotted the neon ‘CB’ beacon — not unlike the one used to call on a certain bat-inspired superhero — signalling to burger lovin’ locals that a slew of delectable brioche bun creations have landed to save the day.

While you may already be familiar with the inaugural Corner Burger aptly located at Greenwoods Corner in Epsom, the brains behind the burger joint have upped the ante at what is destined to become a local favourite for city-fringe residents. The menu purposefully possesses something for everybody; all burgers are up for non-judgmental gluten-free bread substitution, the ‘bunnuce’ option (lettuce in place of bread) and the choice to go ‘naked’ if you are so inclined. And while you can’t go wrong with any of the $12 Corner Classics, we will happily vouch for ‘THAT Burger’ — a harmonious amalgamation of double beef patties, swiss cheese, American cheddar, streaky bacon and a crispy onion ring topped with a truffle mascarpone that will change your life. We will also be adding the ‘Winner Winner’ to all future orders and dare you to find someone who doesn’t fall head over heels for the ‘winning’ combination of double crispy fried chicken, streaky bacon and American cheddar suitably doused in chipotle maple, guacamole and special sauce. But wait, there’s more. Quite literally stopping us in our tracks, the Agria potato and kumara fries here are not only hand cut, they are also painstakingly precise in thickness before being fastidiously tended to, culminating in a chip that possesses just the right amount of crunch before giving way to the fluffiness within. Try them as-is or load them up with the available options of poutine, pulled pork or beef brisket. Either way, the ‘fries’ have it, people.

As expected, the above is a thirsty task so a host of shakes — from vanilla to Snickers, with the option to add Kohu Road ice cream for maximum indulgence — await. And, if you’d like to keep in theme, don’t leave without sampling the epic dessert burger where a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream is lovingly embraced by a cronut bun before your choice of toppings — Snickers (pictured), Choc Top or Jaffa — is drizzled over top.

Luring us out of hibernation, during the cooler months, we’ve staked our spot at a deluxe booth inside amidst the lush potted plants but as soon as the warmer days roll in, just you wait, Corner Burger, we’ll be dining al fresco, making the most of the licenced outdoor bar window with a burger in hand.

Opening 7 days, 11.30am til late

Corner Burger

395 Mt Eden Rd,
Mt Eden

(09) 623 2233



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