Brooklyn Dogs

We've found a moveable feast serving some truly authentic New York hot dogs.

One might be forgiven for assuming that one classic American hot dog is as good as the next – a barbecued banger, sandwiched into a squishy white bun, garnished with pickles and jalapeños and suitably sauced to perfection; there’s little room to go wrong you might say. Those belonging to this school of thought, however, clearly haven’t experienced the standout bangers from the Auckland-based moveable hot dog cart, Brooklyn Dogs.

The brainchild of three friends with a passion for the quintessentially American street food, the distinctive cart is an exact replica of that you’d find on the footpaths of New York City. Boasting a superior interpretation of the universally appreciated roadside snack, the wholesome ingredients you’ll find here are second to none. Choose from a selection of three sausage flavours: The Brooklyn Classic, The Ground Hog and The New Porker with each harnessing flavours of free-range pork shoulder combined with beef, fennel and various spices respectively. Here, you’ll also find no fillers, preservatives or nasty nitrates and needless to say, the casing is 100 percent natural. Packaged up in a scrumptious bun sourced from the ever-popular Bread & Butter, there’s even a guide as to how your dog ought to be ‘sauced’, so as not to miss out on any harmonious flavour combinations.

So if you’ve been known to crave a dirty dog in your time, Brooklyn Dogs have a wholesome answer to your stomach’s deepest desires. The only concern is pinning these hot dog purveyors down. Making regular appearances at various markets around the city including the Parnell Farmers’ Market, the monthly Coatesville Market and the upcoming Silo Park Markets, at this rate they’re likely to be cropping up at various festivals throughout the summer too.

In order to keeps tabs on this fleeting delicacy, we suggest you visit their Facebook page here.  

Brooklyn Dogs

021 056 7181



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