This new bakery is bringing a traditional European standard to Remuera.

Founder of food store Zarbo, Deborah Chait and baker husband Andy Tse have just opened the doors to their newest venture named 4&20. This welcome addition to the suburb of Remuera is sure to garner a prompt fan base via word of mouth over the coming weeks.

After a hiatus spent travelling through Europe, the pair were inspired by the bread-making traditions of yesteryear, learning about the classical methods; that’s to say with no enhancers, instead just the standard three ingredients of organic flour, sea salt and filtered water. Passionate about baking these naturally leavened loaves, the duo in turn discovered that the benefits of doing so include a noticeable lack of bloating and stomach pains as is often the result of consuming commercially baked breads.

Moulding every loaf by hand using their specially designed European hearth (that took a mere six months to arrive from France), these proud bakers produce light-textured, chewy-crusted artisan bread in keeping with that produced by Paris’ finest boulangeries. Moreover, they serve up a heavenly array of perfect pastries alongside various daily-changing lunch offerings and European specialties; if you’re lucky there’ll be the Tarte Tropezienne (a flat brioche cake filled with crème anglaise), if not the pulled pork and asian slaw sandwich, or the roast cauliflower fritters to take away and devour later.

It’s almost needless to say that all of the ingredients used are either organic, free range or sourced locally where possible. It’s also quite clear, that 4&20 is setting the precedent for bakeries to come with a superlative level of attention afforded to each of the specialties they sell, guaranteeing quality with every bite. Waistlines, however, might not be so fortunate.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8am.


3A Clonbern Rd

(09) 529 0307



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