Nespresso’s specialty iced coffee range has arrived (and it’s revolutionary)

The weather Auckland is currently experiencing is as close as we get to what they call a ‘heat wave’, so you can imagine the rate at which we’re preparing iced coffee (hint: pretty regularly). In what can only be considered mighty fine timing, Nespresso has launched two newly designed capsules referred to as Nespresso On Ice that are revolutionising the coffee we take cold.

When we asked Nespresso Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan why the new Leggero on Ice and Intenso on Ice coffee capsules are so appropriate for serving over ice, he explains, “An incredible amount of work goes into producing our coffees; from blending different origins and beans to finding the right roast and grind that will optimise the coffee’s aromas. When you add ice to coffee, you completely change the flavour profile so during development, it was necessary for us to take this into consideration.”

“Leggero on Ice is a mild, fruity co­ffee whilst Intenso on Ice is an intense coffee with biscuit notes. Both have a fine acidity, a fluid texture and no asperity. These qualities lead to a refreshing and balanced beverage when extracted over ice.”

So what’s the best way to prepare this stellar new product? With this simple three-step recipe, you’ll be finding refuge from the summer sun in no time.

Step 1: Add 3 large ice cubes (or 7 regular sized ice cubes) to a glass
Step 2: Top with an espresso serving (40ml) of Intenso on Ice or Leggero on Ice
Step 3: Finish with 90ml of cold water or cold milk (or if you’re feeling fancy, you can top with sparkling water)

Nespresso’s limited edition Leggero on Ice and Intenso on Ice capsules are available for a limited time only. 



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