What does your coffee say about you? Find out with Nespresso’s new collection

Over here at Denizen HQ, we’re all subject to the lure of a quality morning coffee. However, our preferences are as different as our personalities and the definition of a quality morning coffee is a debate that remains hot. Case in point of why we’re thankful for Nespresso’s new Master Origin collection; five capsules that bear utterly unique flavours, all derived and inspired from five different points of the world — from the highland vales of Nicaragua to the lush green mountains of Indonesia. Not sure which one is right for you? Here, we’ve (expertly) matched each coffee to your personality, so you don’t have to.

You are: Motivated, bold, dedicated, ceaseless.
Likes: A jam-packed diary.
Hates: A lazy Sunday morning.
Drink the: Master Origin India
Intense, spicy, and coffee at its most extreme, (with an intensity level of 11, no less) Master Origin’s India variation is perfect for those who deem drinking coffee a competitive sport. This fierce little capsule has been subject to the full force of mother nature, affected by the powerfulness of the wet, monsoon winds that thrash into the coasts of India’s Malabar region. Months of these hearty gales repeatedly swell and dry the beans, a process which brings out its bold flavouring and strong aromatics. We’ll be shotting this espresso style when deadlines are imminent.

Master origin India

You are: Spontaneous, wild, carefree, daring.
Likes: Sticking it to the man.
Hates: Conformity.
Drink the: Master Origin Colombia
By far the most valiant of the bunch, the fruity, vibrant notes of the Master Origin Colombia capsule are perfect for those who consider themselves a bit of a rule-breaker. The coffee cherries that are used are brought from the rolling hills of Colombia, where a select group of courageous farmers dare to wait a little longer than everyone else before harvesting their crops. A risky endeavour, indeed, but letting the coffee mature a tad past the standard ripeness results in a deliciously unique berry flavour that can’t be found elsewhere. We recommend whipping it into a smooth cappuccino to truly bring out its aromatic notes.

Master Origin Colombia

You are: Youthful, informal, excitable, sprightly.
Likes: Anything sweet.
Hates: Adulting.
Drink the: Master Origin Nicaragua
If you’re not quite ready to commit to the intense flavours of the coffee bean, but you still want to pretend as though you’re ‘the business’ during that mid-morning meeting, it’s the sweetness of the Master Origin Nicaragua capsule that will tick your box. (A whipped-cream-topped, sprinkle adorned hot chocolate ordered before 9am on a weekday does, unfortunately, incite serious judgement.) Grown in the highland vales of Nicaragua, the farmers here use the ‘black honey’ method: leaving the bean in its natural fruit layer while it drys to allow the coffee bean to soak up all the natural sugars, before raking it every hour under the hot sun to truly set flavour absorption in place. Add plenty of milk froth to exaggerate the honeyed texture.

Master Origin Nicaragua

You are: Refined, debonair, sophisticated, traditional.
Likes: A smooth Old Fashioned come nightfall.
Hates: People who are enticed by fleeting trends.
Drink the: Master Origin Indonesia
The smooth, velvety texture, level 8 intensity and earthy, woody notes of this rich blend lend themselves perfectly to the more mature coffee drinker, one who knows what they like and sure isn’t distracted by bells and whistles. (No pumpkin spiced lattes to be seen here, no sir.) To create the Master Origin Indonesia, the beans are taken from the forested mountains that envelope the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Here, the farmers stick to the traditional, tried and tested local technique of wet-hulling, where they remove the parchment while the coffee is still soft and moist from the humidity to expose the beans and quicken the drying process. To fully bring out the nutty, roasted flavours, be sure to add a dash of milk.

Master Origin Indonesia

You are: Vivacious, bright, quirky, creative.
Likes: Curating the perfect insta-shot.
Hates: Dressing corporate.
Drink the: Master Origin Ethiopia
A flowery, wildly aromatic blend, this fruity capsule with a low-level intensity is perfect for those who like their beverages more artsy than artisanal. The delicate fruity flavours and orange blossom aromas of this variation are brought on by the ancient dry processing technique, an effective method used by the local, Ethiopian farmers where the whole coffee cherries are dried with care in the highland sun. A dash of milk (almond, of course) enhances the floral notes to create a divine morning beverage.

Master Origin Ethiopia



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