Want to know the secret to achieving the most delicious iced coffee at home?

Infuse your iced coffee with Nespresso's coconut vanilla capsules

It’s one thing the Americans have long been getting right; sipping coffee over ice. And we’ve decided it’s time to get on board with the simple yet gratifying movement in the most delicious way possible.

Thankfully, Nespresso is helping us infuse a little island inspiration into our daily coffee consumption just in time for beach season via its new (and limited edition) coconut-vanilla Confetto Snowball capsules. Take the icy route by either extracting the coffee and pouring over ice before adding coconut milk, or blending all ingredients together until a slushy-like consistency is reached.

While you’re at it, you ought to pop into Nespresso’s new concept store in Westfield Albany. Said to be its most experiential boutique yet, the slick space will host coffee tastings and workshops, designed to allow guests to immerse themselves in the world of sustainable coffee.

The new Nespresso store at Westfield Albany

Catering to our persuasions for something a little different coming into the holiday season, the new Nespresso capsules are a delightfully aromatic way to enjoy a cold coffee.


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