Make the perfect iced coffee with Nespresso’s newest innovation

As with most offices, here at Denizen HQ, there are few things that get the team moving quite like a quality cup of Joe. So caffeine obsessed we are, in fact, that you’ll often find us turning to a steaming morning brew on even the hottest of days — our only option, given that our iced coffee crafting talents have always been few and far between. At least that was the case before we discovered The Barista, Nespresso’s stellar new machine. Connected via Bluetooth to the Nespresso app, this futuristic kitchen accompaniment invites you to pick and choose a recipe from your phone or tablet, before delivering a step by step guide to making the perfect beverage. To give you an example, we’ve outlined below the simplest of iced frappé recipes:

1 capsule of Ispirazione Shakerato
(40ml / 1.35 fl oz)
1 ice cube
white sugar (optional)
cold milk (100ml)

Barista device
recipe glass
ice tray
Barista spoon
Nespresso coffee machine

1. First, brew the Shakerato coffee with your coffee machine and pour it into the jug.

2. Add the sugar (optional) cold milk and ice cube into the jug.

3. Close the lid, choose “Iced Frappé” on the screen and press the start button on the device.

4. Serve the result in a recipe glass.

Not content with making our lives easier via a fine piece of equipment alone, Nespresso has also created two new capsules with which to test out the goods. Available for a limited time, the Ispirazione Salentina and Ispirazione Shakerato capsules are ideal for these final weeks of summer. Both tributes to the iced coffee recipes of Italy, the former holds a bold, balanced coffee with nutty aromas and a velvety smooth texture, while the latter combines intense cocoa and spicy aromas with a roasted finish.

With barista-quality coffee at the touch of a button (or screen), it seems we’ve been surprised by Nespresso’s prowess once again. It’s fair to say this genius creation will get plenty of use at Denizen HQ, and our quest to find the next best thing in the coffee world can come to a close — for now.


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