How to make the Mumm Champagne cocktail that’s perfect for any season

Unfortunately, the time has come for everybody to accept that rooftop mojitos under the golden sun in the scorching heat are no longer a thing. The dropping temperatures have seen us transition from t-shirts to turtlenecks, swapping out margaritas for mulled wine. There is one libation, however, that isn’t falling victim to the changing seasons.

Timeless and enticing, one of our favourite champagne cocktails sees Mumm Grand Gordon and Lillet Blanc combine to offer a balanced flavour of refreshingly zesty citrus top notes and sweet undertones. The hints of honey in the champagne are enhanced by the fruity Lillet Blanc and together, the floral and wholesome flavours make it a beverage fit for any season or occasion. So, with Easter around the corner, why not make your drink of choice an effervescent, champagne punch for family brunch. As simple to make as it is to sip, this cocktail requires little effort for a lot of pay off. Here’s how to fix it up at home.

60mL Mumm Grand Cordon
30mL Lillet Blanc
10mL Sugar syrup

Simply add the ingredients into a balloon glass and fill with ice.

Recipe note: Try and stick to fresh berries instead of frozen, so the nectar mashes into the beverage. Also, refrain from overloading the balloon glass with ice. There’s the common idea that the colder the champagne, the better the experience but this is only true to an extent. The prestige champagne is recommended to be served chilled at no less than 8°C for the notes to form a unique melange of flavours and each sip to be at its optimal enjoyment.


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