Delicious Dutch waffles, direct to your mailbox

The stroopwafel is a culinary masterpiece. Two crispy layers of thin cinnamon waffle sandwiched together with a caramelly syrup, the Dutch delicacy is just the right blend of sweet and spice. Best enjoyed when rested for a few minutes atop a steaming cup of coffee or tea (to soften up the gooey goodness within), we have recently discovered that Wellington is harbouring a couple of pro stroopwafel producers.

Montfoort has a simple mission: To showcase the best sweet Dutch street food using honest, fresh ingredients and traditional methods — while keeping it inventive and fun at the same time. Run by Eloise Van Wynbergen and her partner Andrew Helms, the young couple peddle their goods out of an extremely cute caravan at Wellington’s local markets. With specialities like apple pie, Dutch doughnuts and tiny bite-sized ‘poffertjes’ pancakes on offer, they’ve fast become a favourite, though it’s the stroopwafels that caught our attention. Available to buy locally at K’ Road’s Daily Daily or on the Montfoort website here, the sweet little rounds come in packs of five, but are bound to become a family favourite, so we suggest stocking up.



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