Mama Tahina

This new food truck is bringing a slice of the Mediterranean right to our doorstep.

This week we’ve discovered an enticing new food truck that serves vibrant Mediterranean street food – a cuisine that has very much been left off the map in Auckland’s food scene. Enthralled by the unique and fresh flavour profiles that this pocket of the world is famed for, Mama Tahina was born.

A trip to the Eastern Mediterranean region inspired duo Marc Hershman and his wife Cecilia to introduce a mash-up of Lebanese, Israeli, Turkish and Greek offerings, that only uses locally sourced ingredients and free-farmed meats. We couldn’t get enough of the Porkalicious, a paratha flat bread encasing slow braised pork shoulder, cos lettuce, olives, sumac onions, creamy hummus, cucumber, and coriander topped with homemade tahini and red pepper harissa. Equally as delectable is the seasonal fattoush, a colourful salad brimming with buckwheat, toasted zaatar pita chips, organic pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs, pomegranate molasses dressing, halloumi topped with zaatar (a spice blend consisting of sumac, sesame seeds and wild thyme and lemon). Also, we’d highly recommend sampling their Arabian Chook rice bowl, featuring sous vide chicken breast marinated in a Middle Eastern spice mix, finished on the grill, served on a bed of aromatic turmeric rice topped with a smattering of fresh Mediterranean ingredients.

Loaded with healthful spices and a lingering citrusy zing, you only need to take one look at the food to know that it’s fresh and ready to tantalise the tastebuds. There’s no doubt that if we spot this truck out and about, we’ll be flagging them down quick smart as they’re known to sell out.

Track them down via their Facebook page.


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