'Burnt End Beans'
'Green Tomato & Curd'
'Pretzel French Toast'

Lowbrow has just kicked off an exceptionally delicious new breakfast menu

Just when they had us hook line and sinker with their moreish Bostock Brothers fried chicken wings and hot fish sandwiches (seriously, indulge in one and you’ll galvanise a fully-fledged addiction) the culinary wunderkinds behind Queen’s Rise eatery Lowbrow hit us with new breakfast and brunch offering, and let’s just say that it has well and truly derailed things.

All their ‘hard work and development’ has paid off in the form of a menu that hones in on the likes of ‘toast’ (but not as you know it) and other simplistic items that are bursting with Lowbrow’s super sassy X-factor. One such toast variety is laden with tart griddled green tomatoes, creamy buffalo curd and green tomato marmalade while another, the Peppers & Poachies, yields slow-cooked peppers with garlic, vinegar and paprika, pickled courgettes, whipped buffalo curd and a poached egg. It’s a punchy tangy combo you can’t go past, with both served on thick cut white toast.

There’s also a breakfast sandwich that may or may not remind us of a McDonald’s Big Mac (official name: breakfast brisket bun) — we’re yet to try it, but given it includes a house-made ‘Mac sauce’, it has our mind is going to all sorts of places. Set to implement a challenging expectation for all further breakfasts, plugging Lowbrow into our morning commute has quickly become a must.

To browse the new breakfast and brunch menus, click here


Queens Rise
125 Queen Street



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