Love Exposure is the latest opening from the team behind Kiss Kiss and Happy Boy

The team behind Kiss Kiss, Chinoiserie, and Happy Boy is bringing their vibrant brand of hospitality to yet another destination, this time in Eden Terrace. Taking up residence in the fishbowl that is 191 Dominion Road (formerly Peasant, then Onslow), Love Exposure is a continuation of Celeste Thornley and brothers Jasper and Ludo Maignot’s trademark ‘cheap and cheerful’ experience as they turn to exceptionally tasty Vietnamese fare.

At night, a rainbow-spectrum of neon light bathes the space in a multi-coloured glow, adding to the more is more-ness of the eatery’s overall aesthetic. Asian-inspired ‘pop’ style dominates the interior, articulated by plastic deck chairs and vinyl printed tablecloths.

Outlandish décor aside, the menu is as gratifying as you would expect from the now very experienced trio. Vietnamese classics — free range chicken satay skewers, deep fried pork spring rolls, rare beef pho and summer rolls — are all rendered with just that more flavour. Lashings of Sriracha mayo match up with sticky-crunchy prawns coated in young green rice and the bahn mi, with either lemongrass chicken or grilled pork and pork pâte, harnesses a tanginess so good you’ll want to order another.

With thirst quenching sodas, cocktails and organic wine in accompaniment, if we were the arbiter of trends, we might just say that Vietnamese is on the rebound, entering into the spotlight for another day in the sun.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday, 
Friday, 5-10.30pm
Saturday, midday till 10.30pm
Sunday, midday till 9.30pm

Love Exposure

191 Dominion Road
Mt Eden

(09) 930 8371



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