First batch: Lone Bee might be the hottest new beverage of spring

Neither beer nor cider — sparkling mead is the new must-try drink. 

Oren Dalton is a banker by day. But for the past eight years, he’s been working on something quite out of the box; a new alcoholic drink that could well signify the beginning of a new beverage movement: mead.

In the narrative of a true ‘garage’ story, Dalton crafted the recipe out of the basement of his Kingsland villa. Describing it as a premium sparkling mead — ye old English refreshment created by fermenting honey with water — Lone Bee has been crafted using only the highest quality New Zealand manuka and clover honey. With no added sugars, preservatives and additives, it is a dry and refreshing tipple with a distinct, but not overwhelming honey aroma.

A novel departure from the oft-overconsumed beers and ciders of warmer months, the good news is that Lone Bee is also gluten-free for those who are intolerant. With the first batch now available at Pocket BarBrothers BeerFine Wine, and soon, other discerning establishments, there is definitely a buzz about Lone Bee.


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