Lewis Road Creamery has released a tantalising new Steak Butter

Meet the difference between a good and a spectacular steak.

Now, I love a good steak, especially when it’s slathered in a creamy sidekick — so it was music to my ears to hear that the masterminds behind some seriously noteworthy dairy delights (think orange chocolate milk, chocolate liqueur, double caramel ice cream ecetera) had created a new savoury sensation with esteemed chef Sean Connolly of The Grill — Lewis Road Creamery’s epic new Steak Butter.

The butter is blended in small batches with a carefully curated mix of herbs and spices. A steak aficionado himself, Connolly has married garlic, parsley, thyme, oregano, paprika, turmeric, curry powder and more with the Lewis Road spread, in what has resulted in the difference between a good and a spectacular steak.

Connolly suggests the following tips for a perfectly prepared steak and butter combo:

1. Prepare the steak with sea salt, freshly ground white pepper and oil.

2. Cook it in a hot frying pan for four minutes each side (cooking time determined by the size of the steak, this is based on a scotch fillet).

3. Rest the steak for seven minutes.

4. Place a one-centimetre thick slice of Lewis Road Creamery Steak Butter on top.

5. Put in a warm oven for one minute to melt the butter slightly, then enjoy.



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