Introducing you to the drink of summer: Lewis Road Orchard Premium Apple Cider

Just when we thought we had seen it all — ice cream collabs, steak butters and creamy, chocolate liqueurs — Lewis Road has done it again. This time, sans dairy.  The premium brand is expanding its empire from pastures to orchards with its new, thirst-quenching Lewis Road Orchard Premium Apple Cider.

The idea was conceived by Lewis Road founder, Peter Cullinane, one dreary afternoon as he reminisced about warmer, sunnier days — the kind when a refreshing cider is just what one desires. Made using Bostock organic apples from the sun-soaked Hawke’s Bay, the cider is then brewed in a winery (not a brewery), before being infused with natural, blossom flavours and bottled. Available in three flavours — orange, peach and apple blossom — each first delivers a light botanical scent, followed by a crisp, dry and lightly sweetened taste.

Aptly described as ‘summer in a bottle’ the new Lewis Road Orchard Premium Apple Cider is the most refreshing way to salute the sun.

The Lewis Road Orchard Premium Apple Cider is available at leading supermarkets and select liquor stores from tomorrow, Wednesday 15th November.


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