The dreamy new Lewis Road flavour you need to try

The thing about sequels, is that so often they fail to live up to the original. So when we heard that Lewis Road and Whittaker’s were teaming up once more for another limited edition release, we tried to manage our expectations. Firm devotees of the brand’s milks, custards, butter and liqueur already, we tempered our hopes — unnecessarily it turned out — as we recently discovered the new Lewis Road Creamery Orange Chocolate Milk is nothing short of liquid gold.

A recipe that harmoniously marries Lewis Road’s organic whole milk with one of Whittaker’s most beloved chocolate blocks, the fresh creation is an elegantly silky sip. Reminiscent of the neon orange choc chip ice cream cones of days gone by — albeit a more refined iteration — the dessert-esque drink is a refined take on a Kiwi classic. A natural partnership encapsulated in the most delectable way imaginable, Lewis Road Creamery Orange Chocolate Milk launches this Thursday 16th March at supermarkets across the country while stocks last.

Lewis Road Creamery


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