Lewis Road Creamery delivers its lauded butter in a spreadable variety

There’s nothing better than heartily slathering butter onto a fresh slice of bread before devouring it energetically. It’s a food ritual that counts itself up there with the best, but it’s also one that can be easily ruined if gone about in the wrong conditions. What we’re trying to say is… unless you’ve had the foresight to remove said butter from the fridge an hour before said ritual is embarked on, the result is likely to be holey, shabby looking mess. And no one likes bread that has lost its ‘bounce’.

Here to the rescue is none other than Lewis Road Creamery which has taken its ultra-delicious, premium butter and created an equally delicious yet more toast-friendly counterpart. To achieve their new Lewis Road Creamery Spreadable, which is available from all good supermarkets today, Lewis Road has blended its ever-popular classic butter with GMO-free sunflower oil, making it ideal for everyday use (think bread, sandwiches, scones etc).

Packaged in a convenient resealable tub and ready to go — i.e. whenever the Saturday morning market shop invovles the procurement of a piping hot baguette — there are few fridges that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of this new ‘spreadable’.



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