Why Lewis Road Creamery’s newest milk is the crème de la crème

We have come to know and love Lewis Road Creamery as a brand committed to bringing us superior dairy products. But what do you do when you need to up that benchmark and establish a whole new expectation for what one’s daily milk should offer? You create the gold standard in milk, of course — the crème de la crème — aka Lewis Road Creamery Gold Top Milk.

Available in supermarkets today, the new Gold Top™ milk is non-homogenised, organic Jersey milk that only contains A2 ß-casein protein and is sourced from Jersey Girl Organics in Matamata. Jersey Girl Organics has a rich history in organic dairy farming and in producing top-shelf milk under its own brand. The partnership means Lewis Road will now be supplying Jersey Girl Organics nationwide.

Being non-homogenised means this gorgeous new milk comes with a layer of natural cream. Adding to the nostalgia is the fact Lewis Road is releasing some of its Gold Top™ Milk in glass bottles. Limited capacity for glass at the bottler means only a small run of 300 bottles per week is able to be produced. Like the rest of Lewis Road’s milks, the Gold Top variety will otherwise be packaged in a rPET bottle made from 100 percent recycled plastic. So go forth and enjoy your best dairy experience yet, we say.

Gold Top™ Milk glass bottles will be available exclusively from Farro supermarkets in Auckland and the rPET bottles available more widely.


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