3 chefs’ knives that are worthy of Michelin star kitchens

No matter what level of culinary mastery you possess, having the highest calibre professional tools on hand is always key. Here we hone in on three of the best chefs’ knives you can buy, ones that wouldn’t go amiss in Michelin-starred kitchens.

Made in Germany by the maestros at acclaimed brand WMF, the Spitzenklasse boasts a continuous blade with a riveted handle that’s comfortably ergonomic. We’re told she exhibits great balance, is easily sharpened, and worthy of those looking to hone their skills when it comes to cooking, whether you’re julienning carrots or pont-neufing potatoes. $189

Japan has long been known to manufacture some of the best and most reliable kitchenware available on the market and the light-weight, Japanese-made Kai Shun knives are the perfect example. Named after the tradition of preparing ingredients at their freshest, ripest point, and with their harmonious balance and flawless handcraftsmanship, they make food prep a breeze. Bring on the butternut squash, we say. $325

WMF Grand Gourmet
Designed by renowned industrial designer Makio Hasuike (of Seiko fame), this knife’s strong broad blade is ideal for cutting meat, fish and vegetables as well as for the short, chopping action required for herbs, vegetables or nuts, where the blade needs to be raised and lowered only slightly. Easy on the eye and magnificent in the hand, the Grand Gourmet will easily last you a lifetime, so long as you adhere to these rules. $299

All knives are available from The Studio of Tableware.


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