Jess’ Underground Kitchen opens another excellent outpost in Remuera

Remuera can now warm up with all Jess' freshly made delights.

Given the delicious, fresh and colourful salads and frozen meals that have you playing Masterchef at home, and an out-of-this-world array of cabinet goods in the Herne Bay outpost, it seemed only appropriate for Jess to open another ‘underground kitchen’ for the eastern folk to enjoy.

It has been a long time coming for the team, helmed by Jess Daniell, and it’s evident that a lot of love has been poured into the new address that takes pride of place near the corner of Remuera and Bassett Roads. The signature graphics drawn on the exterior windows might be enough to lead you into the inviting shop, but it’s the smell of Atomic coffee and freshly prepared food that instantly seals the deal. The counter is front and centre; a large roll of paper on the wall next to it displays a list of hot drinks while teas, cake mixes, herbs and spices and condiments sit on the custom made shelving behind.

Alongside the readily available famed frozen meals, there’s also freshly baked bread, salads, and pies that comprise the many delights. Our favourite menu item would have to be the ‘Croque Monster’ — the kind of meal you’d like to indulge in after a night out, we think. And of course, you can’t forget the sweet treats. From a yellow rocky road brimming with pineapple lumps, banana lollies, hokey pokey and cashews through to the protein balls and slices, it’s an epic ride for your taste buds.

Jess and her team have only been open for a day and they’ve already garnered quite a lot of attention with non-stop foot traffic. We can only imagine this will become the norm.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm

Jess' Underground Kitchen

158 Remuera Road

​​(09) 3787711​


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