Jamie Oliver’s new Land Rover Discovery is serious car goals

"Everything but the kitchen sink" takes on a new meaning

Going camping is always fun, but before you set off there’s the arduous task of packing up the car with a tent, a chilly bin, a mini-barbecue, cooking utensils, not to mention the kids — forgetting things is inevitable. One person who understands the perils of such an adventure is chef Jamie Oliver. To overcome said challenges (and just because he can) he tasked Land Rover with the job of creating the impossible; the perfect, car-based, camping kitchen that would allow his family to take their culinary adventures to the next level.

Checking out the final results, it’s safe to say it was successfully executed. Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations built the ultimate family car, packed full of kitchen gadgets that quite honestly, have blown our mind. The wheels have the ability to churn butter for goodness’ sake. Then there’s the slow cooker under the bonnet, a toaster in the armrest, a pasta maker, a gas hob, an olive oil and vinegar dispenser, a deployable dining table and a worktop. Oh, and don’t forget the herb garden and spice rack in the rear windows. After dinner, if you’re feeling lazy, there is also a fold-out cinema screen so you can sit back, relax and watch a movie. No detail has been left behind. The once Naked Chef was determined to push the boundaries with this one, and Land Rover, it seems, was only too willing to oblige.


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