As cold as ice — it’s time to up the ante on the summer beverage essential

There is no denying that ice deserves a spot in our cocktails this summer, but deciphering precisely what kind is needed can be fraught. A devout whisky drinker, for example, would be appalled to find freshly crushed ice floating through their malt, just as a mojito isn’t the same with large cubes. Whatever your drink of choice, consult our foolproof guide to staying cool this summer.

Crushed ice — best for strong cocktails
Crushed is ideal when some dilution is required and various flavours need to be enhanced. Think mojitos; the small pieces will open up flavours hiding in the mint leaves and rum.

Spheres — best for drinks on the rocks
When placed in a glass of whisky, the large surface area of the ice means it will melt more slowly. So as you sip away at the beverage, it will stay cool without becoming diluted.

Ice wreaths — best for punch
Not only will this add an impressively pretty touch to your bowl of punch, as it melts, it will also add flavour. Simply, fill up a ring cake tin with filtered water, a myriad of orange and lemon slices or a handful of berries, then freeze.

Flavoured cubes — best for adding subtle flavour
Invest in large ice trays and fill with filtered water along with your choice of garnish — whether that be a sprig of lavender or mint, a whole chilli or some berries. It’s a great conversation starter that will impart a subtle taste once it starts to melt.


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