Huckleberry’s new Honey has us championing breakfast like never before

Whether doused over a saturated acai bowl, slathered over a crunchy piece of Midnight Baker loaf (pictured above with labneh and hazelnuts) or combined with our pre-breakfast lemon water, our love for the delectable sweet liquid gold isn’t set to cease anytime soon. Especially since we found out that organic retailer Huckleberry is finally bringing us its first-ever season of Huckleberry Honey.

Forever championing the realms of the raw and the natural, their unique take on the sweet stuff sees it untouched, unprocessed and delivered directly from their very own hives in the winterless Northland. Encompassing a rich floral flavour, this deliciously runny preserve will be our go-to spreadable for the foreseeable future. We suggest you get stuck in.



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