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Hot diggity dogs

The dog days are most certainly not over, people.

Can we be frank? Hearty, dependable and uncomplicated, we’ve longed harboured feelings for the hot dog, and we daresay you’ve had a soft spot for them too. Now whether you’re after the quintessential American stadium snack in its unadulterated form or keen to expose your taste buds to reinterpretations, you’ll relish these nine top dogs. And if you fancy yourself the fastest wiener eater in the country, you don’t want to miss the sausage fest, dubbed the Hot Dog Eating Competition x Dog Off, going down this Saturday March 26th at The Street Food Collective.

The Hangover at Fokker Bros
Sure to offer solace to your sorry state post-shenanigans, we daresay all that ails you can quite easily be thwarted when you surrender to this harmonious medley of pork sausage wrapped in bacon, topped with candied jalapeños, pickled red onions, hop mayo, IPA ‘munchie’ mustard and of course, the quintessential squiggle of ketchup. Track these dogs down here.

Pork Belly Corn Dogs at The Culpeper
Need we say more? Elevating the battered carnivorous snack to lofty new heights, this trio of crispy dogs on a stick available from The Culpeper is known to call out to us, proving itself time and time again as the perfect accompaniment to a delicious libation while soaking up the waterfront views and guaranteed good times at this Princes Wharf location. Track these dogs down here.

The Street Dog at Fed Deli
Ready to rival ones standing proud on street corners in the Big Apple, this NYC-style hot dog is obviously served with a generous dollop of cart relish and as much mustard and ketchup as you can muster. Open early and closed late, you’d be wise to make a beeline for this old-school delicatessen whenever cravings strike. Track these dogs down here.

Chilli Dog at Banger Boys
Having long mastered the art of the sausage, the Banger Boys have expanded their sizzling repertoire to include the hands-on dog made all the better when topped with chilli con carne before being doused with the holy trinity of toppings — mustard, ketchup and cheese — all resting atop an organic bun. We think it’s safe to say they will deliver on their promise that “you’ll feel much better with a good sausage inside of you”. Track these dogs down here.

The South East at Mr Dog Frites
Who let the dogs out? We’re not naming names but this new addition to the street food scene might have had a paw to play in it. Endeavouring to take your taste buds for a whirlwind trip to some of the world’s best culinary destinations one dog at a time, we’re especially partial to The South East that sees a delectable dog dressed in 8-hour marinated pulled pork and pickled vegetables. Track these dogs down here.

The Ground Hog at Brooklyn Dogs
A deliciously meaty rendition featuring free-range pork shoulder infused with cayenne pepper, and a selection of fresh herbs and spices sans fillers, nitrates and preservatives, here you’ll experience the quintessentially American street food in its most authentic form outside of the States. Top with sautéed onion, bread and butter pickles, jalapeños, Dutch sauerkraut or all of the above. Track these dogs down here.

Spicy Bratwurst at Fritz’s Wieners
For those after a fiery kick to accompany their delectable dog fix, the proof is in the proverbial pudding when you bite into the Bavarian staple of spicy beef and pork lightly Manuka smoked bratwurst at this market favourite. Opt for a Double Banger for twice the fun and keep an eye out for their everchanging specials, the most recent one spotlighting juicy lamb complimented with the sweetness of honey and the freshness of rosemary. Track these dogs down here.

Two Mexi Dogs at Ralph’s
The last time we checked, the good people in this kitchen were ‘testing’ a dog for the non-meat lovers among us. Not one to alienate anybody’s edible predilections, both meat and vege versions are available for lunch, finished with salsa, nacho cheese, coriander, jalapeño and chipotle mayo. Track these dogs down here.

All-Dressed Al Dog at Al’s Deli
For a Montreal-style dog that is sure to delight, this bad boy — who also goes by the name Deli Dog — is topped with relish, onion, French’s mustard and coleslaw. But if you subscribe to the notion that the only thing better than pork is more pork, sign the petition to make the Pulled Pork Dog a permanent edible fixture on the menu. Track these dogs down here.



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