Holiday hours: your guide to which Auckland restaurants are open, when

Fear not, the thought of going hungry, or worse, having to prepare a meal at home after the ordeal that is the Christmas gathering is altogether avoidable thanks to our consummate guide to holidays hours. Behold, an exhaustive list of which eateries will be open when during the summer period.

Closed 25th and 26th December.

Open every day apart from the 25th, 26th, 1st & 2nd. Not only will they be opening on Monday the 24th to offer guests somewhere to dine on Christmas Eve, they will also be welcoming diners on Monday the 31st, offering their sharing menu to guests with complimentary Prosecco.

Closed 25th-27th December and 1st-3rd January.

Closed 25th December – 4th January, open for dinner 4th-6th January with normal hours resuming 14th January.

Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-2nd January.

The Blue Breeze Inn
Closed 25th-26th December, reopening December 27th at 12pm for lunch and dinner and then closed 1st-2nd January.

The Candy Shop
Closed on 25th December and 1st – 3rd January! Open all other days.

Closed 25th & 26th December and 1st January. Open Monday and Tuesdays from 3pm til late and Wednesday to Sundays 12pm-1am.

Closed on Christmas Day as well as finishing a little early on Christmas Eve, otherwise business as usual.

Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-2nd January.

Coley & Punch
Closed 25th December only.

The Culpeper
Closed 25th December only.

Closed 23rd – 26th December, open 27th – 31st December for dinner only. A special New Year’s Eve menu will be served on 30th & 31st. Closed 1st – 21st January and reopening on 22nd January for dinner.

Daily Bread
Open until 3pm on Monday 24th December (our usual hours), the Point Chevalier bakers will reopen on Friday 4th January. 

Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-4th January. Open 5th-7th January from 11am, with normal hours resuming 14th January.

Closed 25th-27th December, open for dinner 28th-31st December. Closed 1st-2nd January, open for dinner 3rd-14th January with normal hours resuming 15th January.

Closed 25th December only.

Federal Deli
Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-2nd January, with normal hours resuming 3rd January.

Fish Market
Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-2nd Jan.

Closed 25th December – 14th January.

Closed Xmas day and Boxing Day. Normal trading from 27th-31st. Closing at 5pm on the 31st and also closed 1st. Back to normal from the 2nd.

Gusto at The Grand
The Italian favourite will be open business as usual during the festive season.

1st – 23rd December: normal opening hours, 24th December: open for the modern Korean Christmas feast, closed on 25th and 26th of December. Normal opening hours again from 27th – 30th December and on the 31st of December they’ll be open for yet another special feast. They will then close from 1st – 15th of January before reopening on 16th of January with normal business hours.

Hello Beasty
Closed 24th December from 3pm, closed Christmas day, the closed 1st – 2nd January. Open all other days as normal.

Business as usual during the holidays.

Jervois Steak House
Closed 25-26-27th December and 1st & 2nd of January. They’ll be doing their last lunch service on 21st December until 30th January.

Closed 24th December – 2nd January, reopens midday 3rd January.

MASU by Nic Watt
The Japanese maestros will be working throughout the holiday season, open from 11am on 25th-26th December.

Closed 25th-26th December.

Morningside Tavern
Closed only on Christmas Day.

Non Solo Pizza
Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-2nd January.

They’ll be doing brunch only on from 8am-3pm on 24th December, the closed Christmas day and open 26th December – 6th January for brunch only (and with NO surcharge on any public holidays). Normal hours resume Monday 7th January.

Closed 25th-29th December and 1st-3rd January. Open for dinner only between 5th-7th, with normal hours resuming on the 8th.

Only closed on 25th-26th December, otherwise business as usual. (They’ll be opening late (from 5pm) on New Year’s day.)

The Parkhouse
Open 26th-30th December from 8am-5pm, 31st December 9am-3pm. Closed 1st-4th January. Reopen as usual from the 5th January 8am-4pm.

Red Wall 1939
Only closed on 26th December and 1st January.

Saint Alice & Bang Bang China Cafe
Closed only on Christmas Day.

Closed 25th-28th December and open for New Year’s eve then closed again from 1st-14th January.

Simon & Lee
Closed 25th December – 6th January (first day back 7th).

Only closed on Christmas day, but there will also be an understandably late opening time of 4pm on New Year’s day.

Closed 25th-26th December and 1st-2nd January.

The Sugar Club
Closed for lunch on 24th December, the sky-high restaurant will open at 11.30am on 25th-26th December and 5-7pm for Dinner. They’ll be closed for lunch 31st December – 2nd January with normal hours resuming on the 3rd January.

Villa Maria
Closed 25th & 26th December and 1st & 2nd January. Other than that, they’ll close at 4pm on Christmas Eve, the 27th-31st December and then 3rd-6th January, with normal hours resuming on the 7th.

Williams Eatery
Closed 24th-25th December and 1st-2nd January. They’ll also be doing a bottomless brunch on New Year’s Eve, prior to the nearby Wondergarden festival.


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