Hearty and healthy, this dumpling soup is the perfect winter recipe

This warming broth is filled to the brim with umami flavours, incorporating fresh vegetables, noodles and dumplings for a satisfying and wholesome meal.

Serves: 2- 3 people

12x store-bought dumplings (pork & prawn recommended)
200g of fresh egg noodles
4 cloves of garlic – grated
1/2 aubergine
1 zucchini
10 button mushrooms – quarted
2 eggs
1/2 tspn dried chilli flakes
2 tspn light olive oil
1 tbsp of sesame oil
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp of miso paste
2.5 cups of water
2.4 cups vegetable stock
1 tbsp of mirin
2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
2.5 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp fish sauce

To garnish:
Finely slice a handful of spinach
A sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds
1 spring onion sliced

1. Prep & chop the vegetables, ready for cooking.
2. Heat a large pot on medium heat & add a good splash of oil.
3. Using a zester, grate the garlic into the pot, add the chilli flakes followed by the sesame oil, miso paste & tomato paste and cook for 5 minutes.
4. Now, add the aubergine to the paste mix and stir, ensure the aubergine is covered with the paste and cook for a further 5 minutes.
5. In another pot, bring water to the boil and add the eggs, cook for 5 minutes – once cooked, let them cool for a few minutes & carefully remove the shell.
6. Add the mushrooms to the large pot, mixing this with the aubergine for a minute.
7. Then add all of the remaining liquids – stock, water, mirin, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce & fish sauce & simmer for 12 minutes.
8. Toss the frozen dumplings into the broth and cook further 8 minutes.
9. Meanwhile, cook your noodles in a separate pot, once cooked, drain them & serve.

To serve – place the raw zucchini in the bottom of the bowl with the chopped spinach, add the noodles, & the dumplings with the vegetable broth, slice your boiled egg in half & sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Note: You can add any other vegetables in this that you have in the fridge, or substitute the dumplings for some prawns.



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