Ponsonby Road welcomes a dedicated Japanese Gyoza Bar

Ponsonby, forever the purveyor of up-and-coming dining gems, has welcomed a new delicious eatery to its repertoire. Gyoza Bar is the newly appointed restaurant set to cater to our neverending love for the Japanese specialty dumpling.

Gyoza Bar’s succulent meat and vegetable parcels are encased delicately within a thinner film of dough, whilst their shape resembles more of a half-moon structure instead of your average round dumpling shape. These same-same-but-different doughy delicacies also have a twist on the way they are cooked; fried on the bottom whilst steam cooked on the top, giving a delectable oxymoronic texture of both soft and crunchy.

We recommend their golden crispy pork, cabbage and seasonal vegetable variety for a fresh update on the failsafe treat we already know and love. Gyoza Bar also offers a trove of tasty alternatives and sides, from crunchy panko crumbed prawns to grilled Hida wagyu beef skewers, drizzled with a classic Japanese onion sauce.

Officially opening its doors today, we suggest you stop by for a hot and gratifying dose of Gyoza goodness.

Opening hours:
Monday & Tuesday, 5pm till late
Wednesday & Thursday, 5pm till late
Friday to Sunday, 11.30am till late

Gyoza Bar

171C Ponsonby Road



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