The Grove’s incredible new dessert gets assembled at your table

Nothing less than a culinary masterpiece, meet the hottest new dessert in town.

Having earned an esteemed reputation over the years, not only for its top-notch savoury creations but largely its sweet ones too, it’s comforting to know that fine-dining stalwart The Grove has done all but rest on its laurels. If anything, the incumbent reputation has spurred the team (helmed by Executive Chef Ben Bayly and Head Chef Josh Barlow) to creative new heights in order to maintain their standing at the forefront of Auckland’s sophisticated food scene. This they’ve done with a sensational new dessert that is as theatrical as it is delicious — the assembled-at-your-table bombe Alaska. 

Construction begins with a sablé biscuit base that is dressed with a round of poached apple, topped with feijoa and apple sorbet, then a heady scoop of homemade popcorn ice cream. At this stage, the desert is transported to its designated table where a staff member follows to first, spin the plate, then pipe on the meringue. And just when you think the show’s over, once that same person has flamed your sweet treat to perfection with a kitchen torch then garnished it with popcorn, someone walks over and tops it all off with a perfectly-timed, just-baked passion fruit soufflé. Voilà. Drama and deliciousness all rolled into one — we couldn’t ask for more.

This dessert will be available for a limited time only. To make a booking, click here.

The Grove

Saint Patrick's Square
Wyndham St
Auckland CBD

(09) 368 4129


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