The seafood dish we’re obsessed with: Gerome’s barbecue calamari

Sitting elegantly on Parnell Road, Gerome’s pared back façade belies its sumptuous interior and delicious, Greek-inspired fare and I am currently, completely in awe of a new addition to their thoughtfully considered menu.

If seafood induces for you the same mouth-watering, tummy rumbling reaction as it does for me, Gerome’s barbecue kalamaria with inked eggplant and paprika oil should be right at the top of your list to try. Having recently consumed the delectable dish over some wine and a long-overdue catch up with a close friend, I was taken with the expertly balanced, delicate flavours. The meaty texture and salty, seafood savour of the squid sat in happy contrast to the smooth, puréed eggplant (rendered jet black with squid ink) as the kick of paprika hit my palate in a pleasurably peppery way.

Assembled on the plate as a visually arresting combination of vibrant colours and moody tones it’s a standout starter that feels fresh yet undeniably indulgent (and which I’d happily have as a main). Pair with a crisp glass of the Greywacke Pinot Gris and some stimulating conversation and you’ll be away laughing.


269 Parnell road

(09) 373 3883


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