This food truck serving organic, French-style rotisserie chicken is worth seeking out

French sommelier at Maison Vauron by day, rotisserie chicken truck owner by night, Bertrand Soalhat is a man of many culinary interests. Alongside his partner, Amandine, the pair has translated their love for hospitality into Gaston Rotisserie, a delightful little Citroen H van — imported from Corsica — that serves delicious Bostock’s Organic Free Range chicken on the go.

Described as having “authentic, French market flair” the chook is cooked on a traditional, vertical, six-spit rotisserie which renders it beautifully even and crispy without risking it drying out at all. On the menu, succulent whole or half roast chickens with garlic potatoes take centre stage and offer meals perfect for this mid-winter weather; while hot chicken sandwiches and sliders occasionally feature in the line-up as well.

Bertrand and Amandine have taken a relatively uncomplicated idea and focused on quality, to create something utterly mouthwatering. Not much compares to the perfectly done combo of roast chicken and potatoes, proving that sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make the biggest impact.

Located in front of Maison Vauron, 2 McColl Street, Newmarket every Saturday from 9:30 until 2pm, Gaston Rotisserie can also be found at Takapuna market on a Sunday from 7am until 12pm. For more information click here.


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