North Shore eatery Duck Duck Goose is serving delicious Asian-inspired fare

An Asian-influenced, all-day eatery delivering the goods.

Surrounded by the industrial landscape at the intersection of Orbit and Apollo Drive lies a characterful new eatery by the name of Duck Duck Goose. Inspired by the eponymous children’s game, the couple that runs the all-day cafe felt the playful moniker sat well for their Asian-influenced offering.

Hoping to provide quality fare for the nearby working population, everything is made in-house, from the top notch cabinet food to the non-caffeinated latte syrups whose flavours cover off red velvet, turmeric, beetroot, matcha and finally, the black latte (made from toasted black sesame seeds which are supposedly good for hair, liver and digestion according to Chinese belief).

Almost every option on the succinct menu boasts a subtle Asian twist. The day might start with a potato and kumara hash cake, topped with smoked salmon, creamy hollandaise and a wild rocket and Granny Smith apple salad on the side (it comes in a smoke-filled cloche for dramatic purposes). For lunch, there’s the highly recommended spicy duck curry served on a generous bed of seasonal veggies, if not a hearty burger with a vast range of sides.

A saviour for those in the North Shore area that’s perfect for providing catering solutions, Duck Duck Goose will hopefully open at night when licensing allows. Watch this space.

Opening hours: 
Monday to Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-4pm

Duck Duck Goose

6/56 Apollo Drive

(09) 940 4704



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